In the past year or so some things have been good, and other things have been less good. Mostly good I am glad to say. But one of the less good happenings was the sudden closure of a very promising art gallery chain. It happens that retail art galleries come and go, sigh! Usually they vanish leaving artists penniless and without their art. Not so this time because the gallery staff gave me a warning and a chance to get my work back just before their bailiffs came in. The gallery directors had been wooing me to create and supply paintings and prints for a while. Eventually I had painted a small set of new work as requested featuring Trevor the Cat. The pictures were created using a very speci


SKYLARK GALLERIES A few years ago I was in London, walking along the Southbank path on the opposite side of the River Thames to St Paul’s Cathedral. I came to the Oxo Tower and went up some steps to the balcony level one floor above the riverside pathway. There were some small boutique shops. One was an art gallery, so I went in. The artist sitting behind the desk surprised me because she recognized me, knew my name, and introduced herself. That is how I came to be involved with the Skylark Galleries. ‘Oxo Tower’ by Colin Ruffell. Original painting and print. Skylark Galleries have been going for a couple of decades. It is an artists collective with about 30 active artists at any one time sh

The Secret Centre of the Universe for the Art World....

Subscribers to my occasional newsletters may recall that about this time every year something big and important happens in the art business world. And yet for many of my subscribers it is a puzzle. “Spring Fair ?” they say, “never heard of it!” The Spring Fair is a very well kept secret! It is a secret because the Spring Fair is a trade only show and the general public are not admitted. It is actually a huge event that takes over the whole of the vast National Exhibition Centre [NEC] in Birrmingham, UK for a week. Nothing else is as big. It has been going for a million years [slight exaggeration … it was opened by the Queen in 1976] and I have exhibited there from the very first show right u

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