Spotting the next winner? The New ActivCanvas App. How to pick the next big thing? I reckon that a contender must be the new free ActivCanvas app. I first heard about this app at a Fine Art Trade Guild presentation. That was last year when the app was still in beta mode. But I was very interested straight away. Was I spotting the next winner? This is how it works, and why I was so enthralled. You download a free app to your mobile phone or tablet. You see a picture that you like somewhere. Maybe it is in a shop, at an exhibition, in a magazine, or on the web. Where-ever, but you like it and want to know more. You point your phone at the painting, photo, or print … and click. The app then re


Over twenty years ago, during the last ice age and when mammoths roamed the earth, I created the website. I used the at-that-time state-of-the-art technology called FrontPage by Microsoft. My artist wife, Fran Slade, and I called it ‘crabfish’ after we looked at our initials CR and FS, and found a word that coincidentally incorporated our zodiac birth-signs, Cancer the crab and Pisces the fish. We thought that we were so clever. With rather expensive help we created a bespoke database and shopping cart facility for our online art gallery. The website worked. We could easily update our catalogue of paintings and prints, plus the shopping cart ticked off the print stock as we

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