Trevor the Black cat at Christmas

TREVOR at CHRISTMAS Christmas comes around every year. Sometimes I love it, and other times I hate it. “It is so commercial” is one of my own Scroogey criticisms. Trevor the Black Cat and Santa So please forgive this blatant message that tells you about your own new Christmas Card buying opportunity. I have set up an website where you can see my Trevor the Black Cat Christmas cards. Previously these have only been available to actual visitors to our Artists Open Houses exhibitions. But they have been very popular, so I have just joined and created my own shop full of Trevor Black Cat cards and other small paper prints. If you haven’t


Red Shoes From an article in ‘Art Business Today’ magazine. I found this old article and thought that I would share it again. How times have changed in just a few years! Michael Tickner is a friend who is a full time working artist across the pond in North America. I know him well. He is English and used to live and exhibit here in sunny Brighton before he married a lovely Canadian girl and moved to British Columbia. Recently I invited him to become a Facebook ‘friend’ and we also linked through Linkedin. If you don’t understand that last sentence please don’t give up, carry on reading because it may become clearer. If I am honest this new world of social networking can be tricky. Michael T

Self publishing for artists.

Self publishing for artists…whatever next? Self publishing has had the single biggest impact on many artists lives in the last few years. The end of control by the mighty publishing houses has enabled many more artists to publish much more art. This is good for artists, good for their art, and good for art lovers. Two things made it all happen. One, the World Wide Web. The WWW bonanza has meant that anyone can communicate with billions of people at lightening speed. If they learn how. Over the last couple of decades the Internet has spawned thousands of virtual galleries. Art lovers and collectors have shown that they are willing to use these new market places. Savvy artists can create a web

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