The Importance of Power and Politics in Art

POWER AND POLITICS IN ART This is a big subject for a blog post. So goodness knows where to begin. First of all, what is art? Then what is ‘power and politics’? Then how does one fit in with the other? What is art? Art is the result of creating something beautiful or imaginative. There are lots of different kinds of art. For my blog posts I focus on the visual arts rather than performing, written, or audible arts. So usually there is nothing about films, theatre, music, poems, plays, books, etc. Sorry. In the visual art world that includes painting, sculpture, print-making, fashion, design, architecture, and ceramics. Hats off to Grayson Perry who creates in almost all these categories. But,

More on a Gender Divide in Art.

The gender divide in art In my recent blog post I questioned whether women artists were taking over. That was a rhetorical question based on a personal observation that there are often a majority of women artists in the galleries and exhibitions nowadays. That is actually fine by me, but it prompted a couple of other questions. The first extra question in the blog was whether women have always been just as artistic as men or not. And secondly whether women artists have been under-recognised because of the societal power base held by males. Answer and conclusion was yes to both questions. By focusing on the gender divide we can see that for centuries the general European population was depriv

Abstract Art is like Classical Music

Abstract by Colin Ruffell Abstract Art and Non-Subjective Art The subject of abstract art and non-subjective art came up again the other day as I was updating some descriptions on my websites. I found myself drawn to the phrase that I had used to explain myself as an abstract painter many years ago. The phrase that I had used to fend off my critic was ‘ abstract art is like music without words’. I don’t know where it came from. Actually the similar concept of ‘frozen music’ is generally attributed to Goethe who was talking about architecture being like frozen music. Or music being liquid architecture. Abstract art came along later than Goethe. It seems more focused to liken abstract art to m

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