Oleographs, Monoprints, and Acrylographs. Oleographs, Monoprints, and Acrylographs are categories of art prints rather than techniques that artists use to make prints such as etching or screen printing. Oleographs, also known as Chromolithographs, are an old way of making prints extraordinary by enhancing. Traditionally the term 'Oleograph' referred to lithograph prints overpainted in oil paint to recreate the look of oil paintings. It is a process that meant that our grandparents could hang pictures on their walls that looked like originals. These pictures didn't need glass so they could confuse the unwary buyer and trickery sometimes occurred. They are still around in antique shops and auc

BAYSWATER ROAD Herding Cats in the Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’roll Years

By request here is something about life as a young struggling artist in the swinging sixties. The sixties are known for sex, drugs, and rock and roll. But not for me. Sigh! I was an art college graduate, married with two kids, teaching art in a secondary school in Bedford, struggling to survive on paltry pay. Then someone told me about a new free open-air art exhibition on Bayswater Road along the north side of Hyde Park in London every Sunday. So I went to London and had a look. On the very next Sunday I drove 55 miles down-south and joined on the end of the exhibition with some of my paintings. Then every Sunday for many more years. There wasn’t much going on in London in those early days.


The idea of likening abstract art to frozen music came about because some otherwise very worthy people just don't get the idea of abstraction in art at all. I will admit that I didn't when I was a youth. Personally I had one of those epiphany moments in my teens when the scales fell off my eyes and it all began to make sense. The frozen music explanation evolved after years trying to justify why abstract art is valid, worthy, and good, as opposed to being a delusion or confidence trick. I am afraid that my own mother was one of the sceptics. This is how I tried to share the wonder of abstract art with her. I told her it was like music. But music and painting are such different things! The si

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