SELL or RENT Most artists have two tasks going on at the same time. First is making their art, and second is finding the place where it will go. The easy option for the second task is just keeping it for themselves or giving it away to friends and family. But that doesn’t pay your rent. About ‘SELLING’ your art. The first problem with ‘selling’ is finding someone who will buy the art. That is rather tricky because it demands a completely different mental process. The art becomes a ‘product’ in business terminology. The potential happy collector is a ‘customer’. Many artists will baulk at the business mindset. So they might find an agent who will do the job for them. An art gallery is nice. H


CORPORATE ART ‘Corporate’ art is a term for art on show in business premises such as offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. company boardroom The difference between corporate art and domestic art is important. Basically corporate art will be seen in a working environment, and might be chosen by committee or someone else. Whereas a domestic collector will choose to display art in the privacy of their home where they can enjoy it at leisure. This is a big difference. But is that all? Well no. Because there are several other factors. Motivation. Corporate art sends a message to the workers and visitors about the business itself. It can be an influence on the people who see it all the time wh

Small, medium, or big art...

Big art, middle size art, or small art? This blog is about the benefits and problems that painters have when they choose to make big, medium, or small art pieces. Plus it is about buyers and collectors of art. They have a choice as well. Perhaps this is more important than the artist’s choice. Display of small and medium art sizes. In nearly all cases, the display can show one big piece or a collection of smaller pieces in the same space. Interior designers seem to be fond of arranging a collection of closely hung pictures rather than one larger piece. And this kind of arrangement can mean that there is a range of different images with a common theme. It also can display a diverse collection

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