The Black Cat Story …The Black Cat Story… When you visit our website at you might notice the skinny black cat. You might have also seen some of the prints available where the skinny black cat is featured. Well, let me introduce you to him in person…. “This is Trevor…..Trevor this is an admirer” Suffice to say that this cat, Trevor, is also a valued member of the team here in artpublish land. He introduced our very first website many years ago at the dawn of cyber-time. The Story The story is this…..are you sitting comfortably….then I will begin. A teenage Shyama Ruffell bought Trevor home after rescuing him from his cruel step-mother and drunken father who used to make him


ARTIST AGENTS During a brain-storm a long while ago I set myself a list of blog topics. I cannot recall how or why. I set myself the task of a regular blog-post, and now I don’t have to spend a lot of time seeking the next subject. Todays task is to prattle on about ‘Artist’s Agents’. I found a heap of information by searching for ‘artist agents’ on line. I have found that other and better writers already cover the subject really well. So I am going to recommend that you read someone else’s blog instead of mine. But before you go please remember me, and come back later. Thankyou. Recommendation One. I really like the way that Alan Bamberger writes about our art business sharing a long list o


...SELF ONE - SELF TWO... There is a phrase that we sometimes hear on the lips of sport coaches, ‘Self-one versus Self-two’. Self 1 Self 2. S1 is the necessary learned procedure for doing something. It becomes a subconscious memory of an authority that dominates our mental process. As an example in golf or tennis, S1 is the ‘learned procedure’ for each time the sports person gets ready to make a stroke. S1 nourishes and feeds S2. We have S2 as a second mind-state where we actually do something. S2 has a mind of its own and can perform the job better once our S1 subconscious memory stops interfering. A good coach will help the player subdue S1 and find S2. Ego, Super Ego, and Id. ‘Self One an

5 P's

The 5 P’s. Reasons to collect art. Recent (February 2020) news told us that the 1967 painting ‘A Bigger Splash’ by David Hockney sold at a Sotheby’s auction for £23.1 million ($29.8 million). That is the third highest price paid at auction for a Hockney. By contrast Van Gogh famously sold only one of his own paintings during his lifetime. Incidentally, almost his entire lifetimes work has now been acquired by national collections where it will probably remain. This means that the art market is denied access to more Van Gogh paintings forever, but millions of us can visit public art galleries and enjoy the art. So, well done David Hockney, tough luck Vincent van Gogh. …5 reasons to collect ar


Names of colours Primary colours. Red Blue and Yellow. Theory has it that all colours can be created by mixing just the three primaries, with darker or lighter shades. However, paint manufactures supplying the decoration, and artworld, do not just provide the three primary colours ‘Red’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Yellow’. It just wouldn’t make commercial sense. So there are many variations. Decorators colours The household paint manufacturers Farrow and Ball describe ‘Elephants Breath’ as ‘an uplifting mid grey with a hint of magenta’. It is renowned for its characterful paint name, originally created by John Fowler, the notable English interior designer. 1906-1977. F & B have other fascinating variations

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