PRE-SELLING The process of ‘pre-selling is where the seller offers a product that doesn’t actually exist, yet. That means finding a buyer who agrees to buy without actually seeing exactly what they are buying. Please buy this... EXAMPLE A common example of the term ‘pre-selling’ is applicable after a builder gets planning permission to construct a new house. The plans would have been submitted to the authority and they would have been approved. The builder would have gained access to the building site. They would have the expertise to produce the final product. Now with the go-ahead they can ‘pre-sell’. The builder probably needs to find a customer for the new house for a couple of reasons.


We have all experienced regret. Well at least I have. This regret can be triggered by ‘one door closing’. But there is also the value of seeing the subsequent ‘opening-door’ opportunity. A negative followed by a positive. One door closes and another opens. We watch and regret as we miss an opportunity because something becomes out of date or un-available. Our wardrobes are full of out of date clothes that we don’t want to be seen in. We are too busy and wish that we had the time to go on a holiday to exotic foreign places. But as one door closes another door opens. Look for the positive. I can use some of the old clothes in my studio as paint rags, and even wear some when I am being very mes


.... RECORD KEEPING The other day I got an email from a major art dealer in London telling me that they have recently acquired some of my art. They asked me to give them more information on these particular paintings. Oh dear! The paintings are really nice ones. I remember them, and now that I see them again I am so happy that they are still around. I am also flattered that these paintings have been acquired by such a prestigious dealership. But I don’t have a record of where they went after I painted them. NO RECORD! WHY NOT? In the old days I didn’t keep records of absolutely everything that I painted and sold. The sale would have pre-dated easy computer record keeping. There was no easy

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