The Genghis Khan Principle…

The Genghis Khan Principle… The ‘Genghis Khan Principle’ as it applies to self-employed one-man professional artists is the same as it is for any other small business. The main point is based on the well know rule of thumb which says that ‘turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is reality’. This business mantra is so easy to ignore. But it is probably the difference between survival and failure. The special GKP focus is on one crucial factor namely ‘profit margins’. Profit margins are based on what is left after all your costs have been met. Now artists are rather special small one-man businesses because our product is wonderfully inexpensive to produce. A painting on canvas might co

iPad, mobile, and tablet art

IPAD ART This is about iPad or other mobile and tablet art. I mentioned this in a previous blog about plein air painting or making art outdoors. But of course tablet art can be made anywhere. This is a new way to make images. David Hockney is a master. It’s all done with fingers. Magic. But maybe it is even more exciting than that. If you look up iPad art examples on Google you can find stunning results. And the amazing fact is that the artists who created it have just used their fingers or one of those rubber-tipped stick things. They have made the art on a piece of glass about the size of a smallish sketchbook. Or even smaller because this extraordinary art creativity can also be done on a

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