Nature or Nurture the biological determinism debate.

NATURE v NURTURE or BIOLOGICAL DETERMINISM ‘Biological determinism versus cultural determinism’ is a bit of a mouthful. It is the same thing as ‘nature versus nurture’. This old and controversial debate is the subject of this blog. And how it applies to the art world in particular. In simple terms the two sides of the argument say that human behavior is determined by either inherited genes, nature, or by lifetime experiences, nurture. The debate is as old as the hills. The origins of nature versus nurture argument date back for thousands of years and across many cultures. The Greek philosopher Galen theorized that personality traits were the result of a person’s relative concentrations of fo


THE COLOUR CIRCLE [or COLOUR WHEEL] I set myself to write about the subject ‘The Colour Circle’ a long time ago. That is because I am an artist and it is central to the way I understand, choose, and use colour. But…. First, the colour circle is not natural. The colour circle doesn’t appear in nature. That is because light happens naturally when the sun pumps out waves of energy. And visible light is part of this energy in a narrow range of wave lengths. Our eyes are geared up to see light from this smallish section of the range. We humans can see the colours that occur in the rainbow spectrum between the ultra violet and infra red wave lengths. These two limits to our vision are some way apa

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