This is about the importance of titles and labels for paintings. So, if you are an artist, what do you call your paintings? Do you find it easy to provide the title or not? My guess based on 50 years at the studio coal-face is that most artists find it quite tricky to know the best thing to do. Especially now that we have computers, and the Internet with search engines. This is how those two factors have changed everything. Computers. A prolific professional artist can amass a library of thousands of pieces of artwork over their career. In the good old days before computers, we had to take film-camera photos, take a roll of them down to the chemists, pay money to get the roll processed, then


Women artists. Are they taking over at last? In my own personal experience, as a full-time male professional artist, I have become increasingly aware that women artists often outnumber men artists in exhibitions etc. That is fine by me. I really don’t mind whether my fellow artist is male or female. However I will admit that I am slightly surprised because my lifelong exposure to art history seemed to suggest that most artists in the past were male. A couple of explanations look possible. Women have always been just as artistic as men. Society didn’t want male female equality so women’s artistic prowess was long unrecognized and under reported. Art history has been written by male writers wh

The Influence of the WWW and SOCIAL MEDIA on the ArtWorld

WWW and SOCIAL MEDIA We have had websites for a long time. Many online art galleries seem to be thriving. For artists the more recent explosion of interest in Instagram is quite astonishing. Pinterest is also hailed as a life changer for the visual art-world. These two social media platforms are joining Facebook and Twitter as major players in our everyday artistic lives. The mighty Internet is overall. The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks and consists of websites on one hand and social media on the other. So lets look at the difference between the World Wide Web and Social Media to see where artists could or should be concentrating. The World Wide Web [WWW]

Art Publishers Contracts

Publishers Contracts... When an artist has his or her artwork published by a dealer, gallery, card producer, calendar producer etc. then the publisher will usually expect the artist to sign their standard contract. Some licensed greetings cards by Colin Ruffell These publishers contracts will set out the details that both parties have agreed. They will crucially include these categories. Identify who is involved. The artist and the publisher. What image. Picture and Title. What uses the publisher has stipulated. Who the audience is. How long for. How much the artist will be paid. And how often. Flat fee or royalty. So lets go through these five sections and examine them from the artist’s sid

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