Brighton Seafront Art Exhibition and More

BRIGHTON SEAFRONT ART EXHIBITION AND MORE...... I am writing this blog post after a warm sunny bank holiday in May. [For my readers who live outside the UK, a ‘bank holiday’ is just the same as a ‘public holiday’. We have a few such Mondays through the year and in May we get two. The first one held on the first Monday in May. The last Monday is another one.] Bank holiday Brighton Beach So this seaside town where I live can get packed with visitors from London and all over. These are people who come down to the seaside by train and car. We hope that they are in luck because the train companies often threaten an upgrade over any long weekend and some trains get cancelled. It is also rather bad

What are the topics on my list?

Next blog topic on the list? That is actually a list that I set myself ages ago, in January 2016 The list has 449 blog-post topics and titles that came from a couple of brain-storm sessions when I felt creative. I had just wondered what sort of things I could write blogs about. No particular order or reason for the sequencing. It was my brain quickly moving from one possible subject to the next. And 449 titles came out. Of course, since January 2016 I have also written extra posts about topics that were not in the original sequence. They came up as news subjects and were included as and when something inspired them. But I revert to my 449 list whenever I sit down to write the next blog. So f

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