Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst.... DH is interesting for several reasons: He has created many art pieces in a wide variety of genre from sharks in formaldehyde tanks. To sculpture of skulls covered in diamonds, And to simple dot and spin paintings, and more. Co-founder of Young British Artists movement 1988. In 1995 he won the Turner Prize. With an estimated wealth of 300 million dollars he has become one of the world’s richest living artists. Ever. Hmmm! What are the reasons for the last thing on my list? DH is a very innovative creator. Over the years he has made, developed in depth, and exhibited many new surprising pieces that have kept his fans glued to his output. He attracts attention from the establis


BLOG POST WRITTEN TO FELLOW ARTISTS FOR WEBSITE — www.howtobeanartist.com We live in extraordinary times, keep your chin up. ‘Self-esteem is an individual's subjective evaluation of their own worth. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs about oneself as well as emotional states, such as triumph, despair, pride, and shame.’ Wikipedia Artists usually create their work alone. A lonely artists life can be enhanced by ‘self-esteem’. Self-analysis leading to self-esteem is quite difficult because we are bound to be biased. But the advantage of doing it every now and then is that the ‘emotional states of triumph, despair, pride, and shame’ are recognized and out in the open. That means that it is possibl


…. LOCUS OF CONTROL … ‘Locus of control is the degree to which people believe that they, as opposed to external forces, have control over the outcome of events in their lives. The concept was developed by Julian B. Rotter in 1954, and has since become an aspect of personality studies.’ [Wikipedia] A long time ago I qualified at Art College and got a degree in Design and Fine Art. My ambition was to make a living in art. I had to understand what makes my creativity have any effect, as well as just enjoying making it for myself. So later I joined the Open University to find out. While studying psychology I came across the concept of ‘Locus of Control’. EXTERNAL Anybody with an ‘external locus


We live in interesting times. Where is the opportunity here? Who is winning while others are losing? Or does the latest situation mean more starving artists? Whatever next? Remember that every cloud has a silver lining. Background. Fine art includes art history, art business, art collecting, art making, art dealing, art investment, and art enjoyment. Not in that order of course. In the art-world we have to think, and re-think, long and hard about the past, present, and latest state of things. Looking back we see that the religious establishment, and patronage by the powerful and wealthy, dominated the European art-world for centuries. The main benefit was to the status of the church, and the

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