Art is a family thing. This post was written to coincide with an up-coming publication of a feature article in Art and Framing Today magazine. I was asked to contribute a few sentences as the magazine editor collected information about various family groups in the art business..... ...... I have been a full time professional artist for 50 years. My wife is also an artist. We met at Art College in 1959, got married, and then had our first child. Nowadays we are still full time professional artists, and so is our first-child daughter who has joined us in the family firm for the last few years. We three now share a website where we sell our prints and cards. It is called so

That cat again.

That cat again. We have noticed that one of my most popular blogs this year was the one that I wrote about a black cat. (That Damn Cat). His name was Trevor. He was a feature of many paintings and prints that both my wife and I painted and published. We still sell original paintings and signed and numbered edition prints about him. CAT and GRAMOPHONE by Colin Ruffell Cats don’t usually listen to music on old gramophones. This picture of Trevor was inspired by a rather famous logo for a different company. Thanks to HMV. The style of painting in my picture above is called ‘cloisonnism’ where areas of colour are edged with dark lines. This is an established expressionist style first described i

Van Gogh didn't sell any pictures ... Wrong!

Van Gogh didn't sell any pictures ... wrong! It’s an old quiz trick question. How many pictures did Van Gogh sell during his lifetime? The common answer is ‘NONE’. That is wrong. Red Vinyard by Vincent Van Gogh The answer that gets you the point is ‘ONE’. That’s given by people who know a bit about VG and have heard about ‘The Red Vinyard’ that his brother Theo sold for 400 francs during Vincent's lifetime. That is about 1800 dollars today. The buyer was fellow painter and heiress Anna Boch. Wrong again! But neither answer is right! VG actually sold loads of pictures during his lifetime. He was an art dealer in The Hague and London and sold pictures as his job. The tricky part is that they w

North Light in Artists' Studios

NORTH LIGHT IN ARTISTS' STUDIOS ‘North light’ means that the windows in the room face north. And this fact, here in Brighton, England, Europe in the northern hemisphere, means that the sun doesn’t shine into the room, keeping the space shadow free, cool, and consistent. ‘SUNSHINE’ detail from ‘FAMILY’ by Colin Ruffell OAR100390 Artists' studios are often sold or let at a premium if the light is only coming from a northern facing window. Most ordinary sensible people like the effect of sunshine coming through their curtains and scattering shadows and warm spots onto the floor and furniture. East, West or South facing rooms are where we can hear the phrase ‘dappled light’ and experience that

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