‘Plein air’ painting is painting outdoors.

PLEIN AIR ‘Plein air’ painting is the act of painting outdoors. But why is it at all interesting and relevant where the art was created? There are three main reasons. Firstly the light is different. Secondly the method is different. And thirdly the subject is different. And these three factors have influenced what all art looks like. THE LIGHT IS DIFFERENT Daylight is much bluer than artificial light. Most people don’t realize this because human eyes are so good at adjusting subconsciously without a problem. People think that red is red and orange is orange wherever it is. But it isn’t. Photography can give us a clue because camera lenses are inhuman image recorders and just capture what is


Are fine art prints ‘original prints’ or ‘reproductions’? In a previous blog I talked about the distinction between a so-called ‘Limited Edition’ and an ‘Open Edition’ prints. There is a similar argument about the difference between ‘Original Prints’ and ‘Reproductions’. To many outsiders the use of words here is very puzzling. Surely they say ‘all prints are reproductions’. Not so say printmakers. Some say that ‘original prints’ are works of art deliberately made using print-making techniques like etching or engraving, whereas copies of paintings are ‘reproductions’. CR printing on Epson Their argument goes that technology enables photographic reproductions of paintings that were created as


PUBLISHING OPEN or LIMITED EDITIONS.... Makers of most products relish the prospect of sales volume, and do not paint themselves into a corner before they start. But when an artist or art publisher creates an edition of prints they decide whether they will deliberately limit the number of prints or not. Will this print be published as an open edition or a limited edition? The pressure to make this choice is rather weird and unusual. The history of printmaking technology provides a clue as to why. QUALITY Fine art prints became a commercial product a couple of centuries ago. Early prints were made cutting into wood-blocks or soft metal plates that deteriorated in sharpness as they got used. S


ARTIST’S ADMIN SOFTWARE There is significant potential value in digital office administration packages and software programmes on computers for professional artists. But many artists do not use anything. BACKGROUND Being a full-time professional artist is quite tricky. Basically an artist is quite often a ‘small one-person business’ run by someone who doesn’t know much about running a business. To make it worse the self-employed artist is working in a very fickle market, creating a product that is unnecessary, unquantifiable, and shrouded in mystery and self-delusion. HEAD IN THE SAND One of the problems in the art business is that artists focus on their art. They are not looking for a magic


ARTISTS WEBSITE CRITERIA... Two recent blog posts have been about retail art galleries and how an ambitious artist can show and sell their work on the high street. But one very important issue was left unmentioned. That is the glaringly obvious fact that all ambitious artists should be selling from their own online gallery. my assistant website designer The main reason for this is… no stop, because there are several ‘main’ reasons… not just one. The main reasons are as follows; A website shop is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, whereas a retail shop is shut most of the time. The potential audience for a website art gallery is in the billions, worldwide, and growing. Far fewer people

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