CONSTRAINTS … THE WEAKEST LINK. I want to share with you a simple concept that cost me a few quid a while back. The guru that sold me the idea was Rich Shefren. At that time he was promoting a course on business success that seemed appropriate for me at the time. And it certainly opened up my eyes to see that there are lots of ways of enjoying being an artist and a business-person at the same time. Like so many other artists I had been very dubious about the possibility of being both a good artist and a successful business-person. Surely they were entirely different things. Making art was a creative, enjoyable, worthy, positive activity, while succeeding as a businessman would entail non-enj

Fellow Sklylark artist Jane Skinner

Jane Skinner artist Jane Skinner is a most interesting, highly unusual, and very amusing artist, and fellow member of the Skylark collective showing at Skylark Galleries in London. ‘Most interesting’ because the subject-matter of her art is all about interesting people. She is inspired by Art, Advertising, Cinema, Theatre and Fashion and likes to recreate her personal icons. She features Sindy Dolls and Action Men in her work to comment on contemporary culture. ‘Highly unusual’ because Jane’s people are described using an unusual visual language. Jane applies her fashion skills to the creation of her images, sewing all the garments featured from her large collection of fabric remnants. She t

Drawing huh! Why would anybody just do a drawing when they could make a painting?

DRAWING I don’t do much drawing nowadays. I used to, but I don’t seem to do so anymore. I mean, why would anybody just do a drawing when they could make a painting? Rembrandt. Self portrait. What’s wrong with drawing is that they usually are in just one colour, monochromatic, whereas making and manipulating colour is so exciting. A pencil drawing is grey. It is like the old days of black and white movies and television. Pen and ink drawing is messy, and a charcoal drawing is powdery and smudges. Felt-tip gets all over your fingers and bleeds through the paper ruining anything on the other side. But on the other hand, I suppose drawing is efficient, cheap, and quick. Efficient because anybody

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