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BouSham Gallery at 14 Hanningtons Lane, Brighton, BN1 6GS. is closed but not's open but not open. OK the doors are obviously closed, even though we think that Art is an essential, apparently its not.

It's frustrating for us as we've only been there for 4 months so we've been concentrating on our bricks and mortar presence and hadn't got our online shop up and running... or even up ! So bear with us and if you see anything on instagram, facebook or through the actual window that captures your interest please contact us. We can deliver locally, and post or click and collect will be coming asap.

We will be changing the window displays so locals can take their daily exercise past and see our new amazing pieces.

For anyone further away please keep checking into our Instagram account which we will regularly update.


If you see anything you want more details of, (however big or small) take a quick snap or screen shot and send it to us.

We are determined to get the beautiful pieces to you. Plus to support our most gorgeous artists and makers through this tough time.

07979837677 Shyama

07503401905 Clair


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