Oils, acrylics, and water-colours. Oils, acrylics, and water-colours, and are kinds of artists paint. There are lots of ways to make coloured marks on a surface. This blog is about the common kinds of paints and coloured mark-makers that artists usually use. But what is the difference between them and why are there different kinds? The basic ingredients of any kind of paint are … Pigment … Filler … Binder. Pigment. Pigment is the actual colour. It will be a different chemical mixture for every different colour, and there are thousands of colours. For instance ‘black’ could be made from charcoal, which is carbon. The charcoal would have been ground down into powder consistency and be the colo


BENEFITS NOT FEATURES OF ART It is well known by professional sales people that a crucial stage of the buying process is …… moving from showing the features of the product or service towards focus onto the benefits to the prospective buyer. ‘Interest is initiated by features, while desire is triggered by benefits.’ But it seems that not many artists know, agree, and fully understand this. Too many of us, artists that is, spend much too much time and effort showing the features of our art. Features are things like size, medium, artist’s biography, artist’s vision, method of making, etc. These are interesting but they are not benefits to prospective buyers and the reasons for them to buy. Whil

Japanese Ink Painting

Talia LeHavi on Japanese Ink Painting. A fellow artist at Skylark Galleries in London is Talia LeHavi who has been working with traditional Japanese ink painting techniques for many years. Exhibiting both in London and internationally, she is known for her cross-disciplinary paintings, prints and ceramic tiles. Talia’s aesthetic sensibility is an exploration and reclamation of nature's patterns, prompting a dynamic dialogue between the detailed and the whole, the fleeting and eternal. Talia has been teaching Japanese ink painting, calligraphy and watercolour techniques at her London studio, as well as lecturing at various museums, art councils and associations in the UK and worldwide. Lear

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