How to get into galleries.

A lot of artists want to exhibit in commercial art galleries. They see it as recognition of their quality as an artist, and they expect that

Just a couple of things..

Just a couple of things. "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness..." Opening line of 'Ode to Autumn' by John Keats. Late September, Autumn (or Fall), means kids back into school, holidays over, suntans fading, a garden full of spider webs, and artists preparing for a season of exhibitions until Christmas. As you probably know Artists Open Houses in Brighton has been a remarkable annual event held during May for over 30 years. More recently it expanding to an extra two or three pre-Christmas weekends, also very popular, with more artists joining every year. However, after 23 years open house wear and tear to our hall carpet Fran and I thought that we deserved a rest. So instead of opening ou

Ams and Pros in the Art Business

Here is another interesting reminder of something that I wrote several years ago for 'Art Business Today' magazine. It was published in Jan 2011. We had just experienced the big financial crash. No-one knew what was going to happen next. I had recently published a book for professional artists. The magazine asked me to write an article aimed at the professional artist community. Now, just six years later, it all seems much the same. Here is the article …. Amateurs and professionals in the art business. I have heard it estimated that there are 100 thousand artists in the UK. Most of them are happy amateurs while just a few hundred are full-time working professionals. An amateur artist is som

A pot of gold

Did you see my recent email and blog about my new Etsy online shop where you can see Trevor the Black Cat greetings cards? I forgot to mention… All the cards are Hand-signed in pencil by me. I print my cards to Highest Fine-art Quality here in my studio. This is the Only place online where you can see and buy my greetings cards. This all means that when you buy a card, and then give it away, by sending it to someone special, this is what can happen… They recognize the Quality and Uniqueness and Collectableness of your gift. [They might even get a very inexpensive 6” x 6” frame and keep the card forever.] So your gift and message will be Appreciated, Kept, and Valued. Here is a link to my

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