Yesterday I delivered the latest batch of fine-art prints and greetings cards to the shop downstairs in St Pauls Cathedral in London. The cathedral regularly purchase from me, and sell my artwork to visitors from all over the world. They have been doing this for a few years. Here is another visit to a blog that I wrote in 2016. St Pauls Cathedral. When I was a boy, before my voice broke, I was in the choir at St Pauls. I like to drop that into conversations sometimes. However, not St Pauls Cathedral, but St Pauls Church in Winchmore Hill, North London. I also went to St Pauls junior school next to the church. And that is where I passed the 11plus. That was possibly the highpoint of my conven


….VERNISSAGE and RED DOTS….. This blog follows on from the previous blog about ‘Product Launches’ for Artists, and the value of ‘Private Views’. In the art-world a Private View is a very good example of a Product Launch that many non-art businesses must envy. PV’s are good for producers (artists), distributors (galleries) and buyers (collectors). Also ‘patrons’ can benefit. So that is why we organize Private Views. And here are some more dimensions to this. Extra benefits. In Sweden, where I had an exhibition of my paintings a while ago, the host gallery showed me how much the galleries enjoy these occasions. When we had hung my exhibition the gallery owner told me that the ‘Vernissage’ or P


‘PRODUCT LAUNCH’ FOR ARTISTS In business there is a practice known as ‘Product Launch’. It is used to focus on the occasion when a new product or service that the business provides is about ready to be put on the market. The particular type of product launch, often used by artists, is an exhibition ‘Private View’. This is an exhibition of an artist’s new art-work and your personal invitation to see it and meet the artist. It is a really a very special occasion that is just perfect for product launching. WHO AND WHY For you, my reader, this can be interesting depending on who you are. If you are an art lover or collector then this message about a Private View will show you how and why you can

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