ARTY FARTY BOL**CKS... Sorry about the inferred swear words. But this a term that is widely used to describe something quite interesting. ‘AFB’ refers to some of the terminology and descriptive language often experienced in the art world. AFB’s are meaningless pretentious words that sound so impressive to the listener so that he/she feels that they are experiencing something way beyond their usual understanding. Lets find an example… Oh no, maybe not. I don’t want to be sued for defamation. But maybe you already know what I am talking about. Instead, here are some random examples of descriptions of art and artists that are available on the Internet. I will let you decide which ones might be


I paint cityscapes, among other things, and I want to base my paintings on real views. So in my studio I certainly need reference material. Sometimes I can actually go and visit the city and sometimes I cannot. A portable pochade box for sketching on the spot. I tend to paint London because that is a city that is easy to get to from Brighton where I live. Oh yes, I also paint Brighton. In the past I have been commissioned to paint Edinburgh and Glasgow, so I went up and visited again with my camera. I have visited and painted Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in Australia. Plus I have visited and painted Hong Kong, Singapore, Venice, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Vancouver and Tokyo. And of cour

Art College...Pros and Cons

MY ART COLLEGE…PROS AND CONS Art college ‘pros and cons’ is a subject that I have been mulling over for the last 54 years. That is since I left Portsmouth Art College myself in 1964. At that time I had completed 5 years full-time art education at two colleges. Firstly, three years at Hornsey Art College in North London, followed by two years at Portsmouth. I finally left with a qualification, the National Diploma in Design. Art colleges didn’t award degrees in those days, but the equivalent, which was sufficient to enable me to get a job as a full time art teacher in a secondary school. I found a post as the art master in a school in Bedford. I was very poorly paid and I was forced to find a

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