BENEFITS NOT FEATURES OF ART... This blog is another re-run of a previous blog from a couple of years ago. I get asked over and over how to make a living as a full-time artist, and this is one of the secrets. Of course it is not really a secret because the formula is widely known and followed in the business world. So here is a breakdown of how this mantra of ‘benefits not features’ can be used in our art businesses. It is well known by professional sales people that a crucial stage of the buying process is …… moving from showing the features of the product or service towards focus onto the benefits to the prospective buyer. ‘Interest is initiated by features, while desire is triggered by be


In my latest blog about ‘selling or renting’ I used a simple system to explain the stages of the selling process. The same system is used to find all potential customers. The system is known as AIDA. AIDA is an easy way to remember how to sell things. I wrote a blog about AIDA a couple of years ago and today here it is again.... AIDA is a secret, not an Egyptian opera AIDA is not just an opera. This isn't about a Giuseppe Verdi opera or an Egyptian heroine. Instead the AIDA that I explain here is an acronym that all artists should have tattooed on their forearms. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. And that four word sequence is the biggest secret that should not be a se

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