Update based on my article in ‘Art Business Today’ magazine 2010. … I had an email yesterday from someone who said she lived here in the UK. She asked about the artist Colin Ruffell. I told her that was me. She said that her reason for calling was; “…we have inherited a 30’ x 30” painting purchased by parents many years ago. Now they are downsizing and want to pass the painting on. Where would be a good place to sell them?” This is not such an uncommon question. As I get older they come in more frequently. I get about one a month, usually by email. Sometimes the paintings in question are inherited, sometimes rescued from a car boot sale, or bought long ago from a shop or gallery that has sin


‘PRIVATE VIEW’ or ‘VERNISSAGE’. These two events are in fact very much the same thing. They can be treasured highlights in an artist’s life. In English the term ‘Private View’ is understood to indicate a special occasion at an art exhibition where guests are invited to see the artwork on display. Often this is a preview opportunity for artists, dealers, family, friends, and collectors all to meet each other and see the show before anyone else. Vernissage is a term more commonly used elsewhere. In Sweden for instance it can be a day, usually a Sunday once a month, when all the local art galleries open at the same time. Refreshments would be available and the roads free of other busy shoppers.

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