Over four weekends in May, alongside Brighton Festival, over 1,200 artists open their doors to the public. The exhibitions are grouped into local trails with over 180 venues over Brighton, Hove and beyond. We are lucky to have one of the most vibrant and popular trails right on our doorstep. The 'Seven Dials Trail' has expanded year by year with this year's trail having 19 venues all within easy walking distance to each other. The hugely diverse range of artwork on show includes original paintings, prints, cards, ceramics and textiles as well as photography, sculpture, crafts, jewellery and many other media. By visiting local artists in their homes and studios you have the chance to meet and


One of the reasons that I was interested in becoming an artist when I was just a teenage schoolboy was that artists had access to, and were able to associate with, nudes. After all, artists are able to look at them closely without guilt or shame. If I am honest, when I started as an art student, it was a rather exciting personal prospect that I would be able to see real nudes in the ‘life drawing’ classes. And it actually became a fact. My student experience. For the first year or so as full time students we were scheduled one day a week in the ‘life drawing class’ where we would often have a live, nude, female model to draw. More rarely we would be given a male model, and he would be wearin

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