Trevor the Black Cat is the star in a whole range of my original paintings, greetings cards and fine-art prints. He has been for many years and has been very, very, lucky for me, and my family. But, at this time of year, Halloween, black cats have another reputation. There is a body of opinion that associates black cats with witchcraft, spells, and spookiness. So I have delved into the various backgrounds to these quite different concepts of black cats. Many thanks to the Internet. Quote from… ‘Many Medieval Germans believed themselves to be cursed if a black cat crossed their path from left to right. Black cats, however, have also served as symbols of good luck in numerous culture


Urgent message from Trevor the Black Cat about dangerous things in the near future. …..You might know my faithful servants Colin Ruffell and Fran Slade. They are artists who try to make a living selling their paintings and prints all over the world. Of course they do this to keep me supplied with lovely treats. You must already know about me because they have painted my portrait many times. And published a lot of fine-art prints. Plus a range of popular Xmas greetings cards with my picture on the front. As a thank-you I have agreed that they can continue to use my delectable image in some of their art. They hope to benefit by dropping my name at various exhibitions etc. News update. Colin an

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