QUIT YOUR DAY JOB, BECOME AN ARTIST. If you like making art you might want to progress from hobby artist to professional artist. But you will soon find that you cannot get a job as an artist. Professional artists are self-employed. They have to be. There are no paid jobs as ‘artists’. Artists are solitary businesses. And as a consequence they need to do all the business tasks themselves. They will need to be good at everything. And that explains why most artists don’t get rich. Making visual art is a solitary occupation. Artists very rarely create in groups or even pairs. Gilbert and George are an exception. Very successful artists like Damien Hurst will have assistants in his employ doing

Spring Fair Most Popular Artists

Exactly a year ago I wrote a blog-post about the Spring Fair. This is where and when the professional art, design, furnishing, and gift worlds get together in the middle of England. And the general public don’t know about it. Here it is again! I am reposting the blog because it is that time of year once more. I have updated the post to include latest news. And to share the discovery that Shyama and I are among ‘the most popular’ artists. The Secret Centre of the Universe for the Art World Subscribers to my occasional newsletters may recall that about this time every year something big and important happens in the art business world. And yet for many of my subscribers it is a puzzle. It is th

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