What is a Bousham Pop-up?....

Bousham Pop-up again at Gallery 40 Brighton BN1 4AQ 11am - 6pm daily last full day Saturday 3rd November When they started Bousham was a joke name. It was derived as a combination of the Bou of Clair Boubli plus Shyama known as Sham. The name stuck and now Bousham is up and running as a pop-up collaboration of Bou contemporary jewellery and Shyama’s fine art paintings, prints, and collaged pieces. Gallery 40 was the first Bousham Pop-up venue a year ago. Since then their collaborated show has exhibited in various locations around Brighton. The exhibitions are carefully curated and styled to fit each individual pop-up venue. The jewellery and art work is displayed in an almost Amazonian atmo


ARTISTS MANIFESTO One of the interesting things about being an artist is that some of us have produced and published a manifesto. I reckon that my Mum would have been amazed and proud that her first-born could have a ‘manifesto’ After all you don’t see a hard working plumber or accountant or greengrocer with a manifesto, do you. So what on earth is it? Why do some artists have one? And, why is it, that up to now, I don’t actually have one myself? Sorry Mum. INTRODUCTION I have been in the art game full-time for over half a century. I haven’t written a serious artist’s manifesto myself. I have been reluctant to do so. But other artists seem to see a need. So I looked it up. Wikipedia has so

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