…Acrylographs, and other Prints…

“One day my prints will come” Snow White …Another look at acrylographs and other printmaking… My previous blog about - how technologic invention has affected the art world - ended with a focus on one of the latest examples, ‘acrylographs’. People ask me to explain what an acrylograph is. What is the difference between Prints, monoprints, oleographs, lithographs, giclee, and acrylographs? So here goes. Background to ‘printmaking’. Prints. Printmaking is an old craft used by artists since the invention of paper. The oldest techniques of woodcutting, engraving, and etching were followed by lithography where ink was rolled onto a flat stone that had previously had the image negative drawn with


…TECHNOLOGICAL INVENTION HAS CHANGED FLAT ART … Some of the latest technological inventions in our art-world are bound to make changes that we cannot foresee. That has always happened of course. So let us take a quick look at the past and see if it helps look into the future. You never know, it might.​ Long ago. Way back the first art was painted onto cave walls using 'paint' made from charcoal, blood, chalk, egg yolks, earth and nothing much else. Then technology changed it all. People invented clothes to replace animal hides covered in fur, and artists started to paint onto ‘cloth’. Art painted onto cloth made all the difference because you could move the artwork around from place to place


ART LOVERS HAVE TWO BRAINS… A good way to appreciate yourself as an art-lover, and/or an artist, is to discover and realise that you still have the colossal advantage of having two working brains. You have a left-brain and you have a right brain. It comes with your genetic inheritance from birth just like everybody else. You are in effect a twin. It is like having two super computers linked by a network. Both computers receive the same input signals coming through your senses, hearing, touch, smell, taste and sight. The left uses the information in one way, while the right uses it another way. The right brain enjoys all the creative stuff, and the left-brain does all the logical business st


The ‘BRITART’ ART MOVEMENT.... Art movement? You mean dancing or something like that? No! ‘An art movement is a tendency or style in art with a specific common philosophy or goal, followed by a group of artists during a specific period of time… ‘ Wikepedia It is a way of describing artist’s work by classifying their art into groups. Work that is usually created at a similar moment in art history, and where the artists seem to have inspired and influenced each other. Typical examples would be ‘Impressionism’ or ‘Dada’ or ‘Abstract Expressionism’. There are dozens of western art movements that have similar group characteristics. Others do not. For instance Naïve Art , Folk Art, or Cloisonnism

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