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Do your own framing.

An enterprising professional artist will understand the benefits of being able to make your own picture frames.

  1. Save money

  2. Make money by making some frames for other artists.

  3. Choose and make the best designs for displaying your art.

  4. Make your collectors happy by supplying the right frame for them at the right price.

I am making space in my studio and workshop.

Here are some pieces of my own frame-making equipment that I can pass on to you.

Give me a ring or send an email.

0785 406 0952


For creating perfect mount card.


MORSO foot pedal operated moulding guillotine.

Classic foot pedal, guillotine mitre cutter for making picture frames. Plus spare blades. Plus extension. Used by professional picture framers world wide. A new one is well over £2000.


Underpinner. Professional frame makers foot-pedal underpinner so that the frame joins are hidden and stronger.


Give me a ring or send an email.

0785 406 0952


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