ART LOVERS, COLLECTORS, ARTISTS, CRITICS, and ART TEACHERS... As you can see from the title of this blog there are several groups of people in our artworld. At the top of my list are….. Art Collectors The first group are ‘Art Collectors’, and anybody else interested in art. These good people are very important in the art-world. They are interested in art history, art exhibitions, and having art in their homes and places of work. Art Critics and Art Teachers There is another category of people. They are ‘Art Critics and Art Teachers’ who might have a passionate interest but do not create or collect art themselves. They might have a wide range of knowledge to share but without the need to buy

Another bonfire

A while back I wrote a blog about a bonfire. I said that I was going to destroy some of my artwork. Why? Over many years as a full-time professional artist I have created a lot of art-work and sold most of it … thank goodness. But there are some pieces that didn’t sell. So I might have to burn them because it is difficult to store them. This problem applies to many other artists as well. What can we all learn from this? Here are three obvious questions. Why didn’t the art sell? Why did the artist make them in the first place? What do they do next? Why didn’t the art sell? The most obvious answer is the artist wanted to keep them, or that no-one else wanted them. Or it might have been poor se


Ishihara test. Can you see a number? What is it? Background. An artist that I know surprised me when he told me that he was colour blind. He reads the colour on his paint tubes to make sure that he isn’t making a mistake when he paints pictures. He sometimes asked for help from fellow art students at Art College. Later when I shared studio with him he asked me. But he still managed to create great paintings. Which is still a surprise. This shows us that design, texture, tone, subject, and circumstance are other elements of a painting that can be most important. Design. What shape is the picture? Landscape or portrait? Where is the horizon? Centre of interest? Perspective? Texture. Impasto, s

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