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13 Addison Road, Hove, Sussex, UK.

8th May 2017. The first weekend is over! This year it was busier than usual. (We have been doing this for many years so we do know.) In our experience the first Saturday can be quiet as it coincides with the Children’s Parade part of the Brighton Festival. Of course we are all part of the Brighton Festival but the Children’s Parade is recognized as the opener. The rest of the Festival events, including Artists Open Houses, get their share later in the three week run. But this year our Open House was busy from the start.

Fran Slade landscapes at AOH17

Fran Slade landscapes.

Here are some pictures of our show at 13 Addison Road. This opening display might change as the show goes on because collectors buy and take away exhibits. No worries because we have got replacements. Very popular during the first weekend were cards and small prints of course. They always go as regular visitors stock up with unique collectable pressies for their friends and families.

Colin Ruffell cityscapes at AOH17

Colin Ruffell London cityscapes and Shyama Ruffell jungles.

The weather certainly helped as it was dry and cool. Great condition for walking round the streets of Brighton visiting Open Houses and seeing the free shows. Our local trail around the Seven Dials area is very popular because you can see several shows comfortably close to each other. All within ten minutes walk from the main railway station as well. Groups of people carrying the free booklet brochure and map are everywhere. They especially like to visit the venues that offer tea and cake. So that is why we ask Zoe to provide. Once again she has come up with gorgeous platefuls of temptation.

Zoe's food is very popular.

Shyama’s studio at the end of the garden is open so that the artist inside you can see how she does it. Don’t deny it … everybody has an artist inside them wanting to make pictures like these. In the studio there is a display of her butterfly boxes. These are not real butterflies. No insects were hurt in the process! Instead Shyama paints and prints the life-size replicas and cuts them out with scissors.

Shyama Ruffell butterfly boxes at AOH17

Shyama Ruffell butterfly boxes in her garden studio.

So we have three more weekends open. Our exhibition is open every Saturday and Sunday from 11am until 6pm. You have just six more opportunities to come along, meet some artists, scoff a bit of cake, and see the show.

Shyama Ruffell at AOH17

Shyama Ruffell framed art.


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