Update based on my article in ‘Art Business Today’ magazine 2010.

… I had an email yesterday from someone who said she lived here in the UK. She asked about the artist Colin Ruffell. I told her that was me.

She said that her reason for calling was;

“…we have inherited a 30’ x 30” painting purchased by parents many years ago. Now they are downsizing and want to pass the painting on. Where would be a good place to sell them?”

This is not such an uncommon question. As I get older they come in more frequently. I get about one a month, usually by email. Sometimes the paintings in question are inherited, sometimes rescued from a car boot sale, or bought long ago from a shop or gallery that has since closed down. Very often I am told that the painting has hung in some-ones home for many years and made the owner very happy.

FLEET STREET by Colin Ruffell