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Pic of the Day 17 Feb15

I was digging around in the cob-webby corners of my computer and I found this small thumbnail image. Oh crikey, I remember that painting! This old fuzzy photo was taken years ago showing one of my original paintings that I must have sold very quickly. My records are incomplete so I don't know who bought it. I don't know where it is either.

But, good news, I can use this old blurred image to create a new version of my painting using cunning acrylograph techniques. Intrigued? Then come along this Saturday to Gallery 35North in Brighton sometime twixt 11am and 5pm and I will show you what I mean. And when you pop in, you could enter our free prize draw where we randomly pick a lucky winner who gets to keep the new unique acrylograph.

Cheers Colin

P.S. If you recognise the painting please let me know. It would be so nice to meet up again.

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