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Pic of the Day 7 Feb15

A few days ago I had an online order for one of my big acrylographs. The chosen picture was 'London Daybreak' and the size was 30' x 40". Last night I got this email from the customer which I just want to share with you because this is what being an artist is all about.

Oh yes, and I am very happy as well Vanessa so that makes 4 of us :-)

Colin I love your painting. It arrived on my door step today. I have never bought art online before. it was a risk but I am so glad I did that! I just really liked your work and have been looking for ages for a image of London to hang on my wall. I pass a gallery every day on the way to work and saw something I liked but did not act. So when I saw daybreak I just thought YES. Will be taking it to be framed tomorrow!

My kids like it too so that's 3 of us happy!



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