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Trevor the Black cat at Christmas


Christmas comes around every year. Sometimes I love it, and other times I hate it.

“It is so commercial” is one of my own Scroogey criticisms.

Trevor the Black Cat and Santa

So please forgive this blatant message that tells you about your own new Christmas Card buying opportunity.

I have set up an website where you can see my Trevor the Black Cat Christmas cards. Previously these have only been available to actual visitors to our Artists Open Houses exhibitions.

But they have been very popular, so I have just joined and created my own shop full of Trevor Black Cat cards and other small paper prints.

If you haven’t come across before then let me introduce you. It is a huge worldwide website that sells handmade goods direct from the creators [like me] to the buyers and collectors [like you]. My shop is called RuffellDirect so it says what it does on the tin.

The site takes a very small percentage, [phew!], meaning I can provide at a sensible realistic price. In fact I am selling at the same price as we do at the Open House exhibitions. You cannot get my cards or prints any cheaper anywhere else. Hooray!

Plus I have created some new bundles so that you can get an extra, reduced price. More cheers!!

I have also listed lots of other Trevor the Black Cat cards. … Overwhelming thunderous applause!!!

Please go and have a look.

Here is the link to my shop…..

Meanwhile …. some more Trevor the Black cat cards. Drumroll … Darah!

Trevor the Black Cat and Reindeer

Trevor the Black Cat and Reindeer

Trevor the Black cat and Mistletoe

Trevor the Black Cat and Mistletoe

Trevor the Black Cat in Love

Trevor the Black Cat in Love

Trevor the Black cat says.. Give us a ring!

Give us a ring!

Cat underfoot.

Cat underfoot.

There are lots more of my cards like this on Etsy.

Cheers, and Happy Christmas.


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