Memes and schemes are the lifeblood of a creative lifestyle.

Someone, a beloved person very close to me, told me recently that I seem to be forever making lists.

It may be true, but I prefer to say that I am constantly amassing important data to try to find the meaningful significant patterns that are hidden within so that I can benefit mankind forever.

Hmmm? These are two points of view pointing to the same thing.

Richard Dawkins books on my shelf.

Meaningful significant patterns, hmmm? The human intelligent mind is a pattern finding structure. Some of the patterns that we discover are memes. Memes are ideas or concepts. They mirror the genes that determine evolution in our physical bodies. But memes are not physical they are mental. Just like genes some memes thrive and develop while others fail. This idea first came from Richard Dawkins forty years ago when he wrote ‘The Selfish Gene’.