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Artists Open House Exhibition... half way


13 Addison Road, Hove.

19th May 2017.

The second weekend is over! That means we are half way through. Once again it has been busy busy busy. The weather has been so kind. We have enjoyed meeting many more new art lovers and introducing our selves and our artwork to them.

And they [you] have been responding in many ways.

  • You [they] have filled in record numbers of our famous free ‘Do You Feel Lucky’ draw cards.

  • 2 winners so far will choose their favourite signed and numbered print from our website.

  • We have been reading super flattering remarks about this years show.

  • We have sold loads of our greetings cards, small affordable prints, etc as usual.

  • Visitors have been sitting out in the back garden eating cake and drinking tea or coffee.

  • Everybody is happy.

But of course this half full glass of bubbly is also half empty.

There are only two more weekends left.

Please do not miss out.

But if you cannot come to see us … our website is

Shyama’s studio at the end of the garden is open so that the artist inside you can see how she does it. Don’t deny it … everybody has an artist inside them wanting to make pictures like these. In the studio there is a display of her butterfly boxes. These are not real butterflies. No insects were hurt in the process! Instead Shyama paints and prints the life-size replicas and cuts them out with scissors.

So we have two more weekends open. Our exhibition is open every Saturday and Sunday from 11am until 6pm. You have just four more opportunities to come along, meet some artists, scoff a bit of cake, and see the show.


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